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== Admin help topics ==
== Admin help topics ==
*[[Help:Patrolled edits]]
*[[Help:Patrolled edits]]
*See also: '''[ MediaWiki "Manual:Administrators"]''', which covers ''Administrator tools'', such as:
:* ''Protection'', ''Deletion'', ''Rollback'';
:* ''Block and unblock'';
:* ''Database queries'';
:* ''Making sysops''; and
:* ''Signed-in privileges''

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  • Main Page -- From here you are only a click or two away from over 500 resource pages.
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  • BSA Program Info -- While not officially a Help page, many questions about the Scouting program are answered in the text and through the links of the BSA Program Info page.

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  • Help:Editing Basics ← Please read before editing any pages.
  • See also: {{Unsigned}} — Help make this site better by adding signatures to other users unsigned comments.

Admin help topics

  • Protection, Deletion, Rollback;
  • Block and unblock;
  • Database queries;
  • Making sysops; and
  • Signed-in privileges

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