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==See also==
==See also==
*[[Help:Namespaces]] — Another resource for editors learn about ''namespaces'' and ''inclusion''.
*[[Help:Namespaces]] — Another resource for editors learn about ''namespaces'' and ''inclusion''

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This is a guideline for inclusion of pages in various namespaces. The intent is to keep it short and clear, and if possible, stable. An important goal is directing people to correct places for what they want to do.

This overview should help you decide what to put where on MeritBadgeDotOrg:

Main namespace

Includes articles about Scouting-related topics; and, these articles include only verifiable information.


Includes portals, i.e. sub-mainpages for specific topics. (Not used at this time–maybe soon.)


Includes categories used for grouping of other pages, which are useful to the project as a whole.


Includes free images and copyrighted images used under the MeritBadgeDotOrg:Copyright policy and MeritBadgeDotOrg:Usage standards policy concerning "fair use doctrine" in articles where they are necessary.


Includes policy, process, and other pages useful to the project as a whole, but which are not a part of the encyclopedia.


Includes templates used for inclusion on other pages, which are useful to the project as a whole.


Includes project-related pages which are useful to individual users or informal groups of users.


Includes MediaWiki's user interface text. They are all protected by default.


Includes MediaWiki's built-in special pages with logs, database reports and various extensions. These pages cannot be changed by users.


Every page in every namespace can have a talk page for discussion about the content of the page. One exception are user talk pages, which are used for communication with individual users.

See also

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