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In MediaWiki, Template documentation should be provided for end-users that use the template. It is recommended that documentation should appear in a subpage, to separate the template code, and potentially protect the template from any changes. See Help:Templates/Template doc page pattern for details how this can be done.

Suggested methods is to use the following headers for the main body of the documentation:

A single paragraph describing the use.

== Usage ==
Use <pre>{{templatename|var1|var2}}</pre> to
show the usage of variables used in the Template.

== Examples ==
Show single examples, and how the template should be used

== See also ==
Typically links to other similar templates

Although not required on the MeritBadgeDotOrg wiki, at this time, please consider making use of the Help:Templates/Template doc page pattern method; then the categories need to go into specific locations, provided in the pattern template.

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