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Program Adviser

A Varsity Scout Team High-Adventure/Sports Program Adviser is a Team Committee member and an adult counterpart to a youth High-Adventure/Sports Program Manager in the Varsity Scout team. The program adviser serves as a sounding board and adviser as the youth plans and is primary leader for his program.

Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)
Typical Varsity Scout team organization chart (click to zoom)


Position description

This program adviser mets with the youth program manager. The Varsity Scout acts a primary leader by supervising one or more advancement and award activities; the adviser provides direction and encouragement for these activities. The program manager learns leadership skills by carrying out these activities, and satisfies a requirement for the Denali Award. The other Varsity Scouts on the team may also fulfill a requirement for the Denali Award by active participation in the planned event. The adviser does not need to attend the activity, but approves the activity of the primary leader and determines what is required by the other Varsity Scouts to satisfy "participation."

Worthwhile activities help the Varsity Scouts toward Eagle trail rank advancement, Varsity Scout Letter and Denali trail advancement. and Scouting awards and merit badges. Activities for the religious award may be also coordinated with the Chaplain Aide.


Appointed by the Team Committee Chairman (can be recommended by the Team Coach). The program adviser can be a parent of a youth member of the chartered organization; in smaller units, the team coach may serve as a program adviser. The chairman along with the team coach meets with the program adviser to review duties.


  • Serves on the team committee.
  • Guides and mentors the youth advancement program manager.
  • Meets with the youth program manager(s) to advise and encourage worthwhile high-adventure or sports activities that will help the team advance and the program manager satisfy the Denali requirement.
  • Abides by the safety guidelines of Guide to Safe Scouting and "Safety in the Outdoors" pp. 61-70 in the Varsity Scout Guidebook.
  • Makes contact with people and organizations, which will help Varsity Scouts learn proper outdoor techniques and sports ethics.
  • Organizes transportation and other logistical needs for all high-adventure/sports activities.
  • Acts as a resource to camping, high-adventure/sports activities that the team members will enjoy participating in.
  • Reaches out to Varsity Scouts who do not regularly participate.
  • Participates in boards of review on a regular basis.
  • Completes all training that is available for the adult Varsity Scout leader.
  • Sets an example for youth members by maintaining the principles of the Boys Scouts of America.


Working with the youth advancement program manager


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