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|image = InterpreterStrip.jpg
|image = InterpreterStrip.jpg
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|caption =
|created = before 1950s
|level = Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Scouters

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Interpreter Strip

Created:before 1950s
Level:Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Scouters


Award requirements

Boys and adults may wear this strip if they show their knowledge of a foreign language or the sign language for the hearing impaired by:

1. Carrying on a five-minute conversation in this language.
2. Translating a two-minute speech or address.
3. Writing a letter in the language.*
4. Translating 200 words from the written word.
  • Does not apply for sign language.

Source: 2007 Boy Scout Requirements (33215)


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