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|image= Image:Invention.jpg
|image= Invention.jpg
|caption=Invention Merit Badge
|caption=Invention Merit Badge
|subject= Discontinued Merit Badges
|subject= Discontinued Merit Badges

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Invention merit badge
Status: Discontinued BSA Advancement ID: None
Created: 1911 Original/new/replaced:
Discontinued: 1915 Replaced by:


[[Category:Discontinued {{{group}}} merit badges]]

Invention is a discontinued merit badge. Invention Merit Badge begun in 1911 and discontinued in 1915. Only 10 Scouts are known to have earned this badge.

Merit badge requirements

1. Invent and patent some useful article
2. Show a working drawing or model of the same.

Boy Scout Requirements, ({{{1}}}) Edition The official source for the information shown in this article or section is:
Handbook for Boys, 1911 Edition


This is the most rare merit badge. No copies of this merit badge are known to exist.

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