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MeritBadge.Org is now available in 30 Languages!
'''''<center><big>500,000 Scouts and their families don't speak English.<br>
Where can they go for help?<br>
'''''MeritBadge.Org is now available in 30 Languages!</big></center>

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500,000 Scouts and their families don't speak English.

Where can they go for help?

MeritBadge.Org is now available in 30 Languages!


1. Click here to choose your language

Now this page and all others that you view will be in your language!

2. To go back to English
Click the View Original Web Page link now at the top of the page.
3. To go to another language, first go back to English by clicking View Original Web Page and then choose the next language.


Every page of MeritBadge.Org is now available in the top 30 languages in the US! Of course, Spanish heads the list. At the last census, 70 counties were already primarily Spanish speaking including Miami-Dade. New Mexico will be the first state to be primarily Spanish speaking followed by California, Texas, and Arizona.

We found a way to use a couple tricks to make the language translation technology from Google work on MeritBadge.Org.

Now a leader can print information for parents of different cultures. A Cubmaster may need to be able to print Pinewood Derby information in Spanish for the Spanish speaking parents. A den leader could print the requirements for the Citizenship belt loop for Vietnamese parents. A Scoutmaster could print the Camping Checklist in Tagalog for the Filipino parents.

Using the Language features, you can even print worksheets for:

That's almost a thousand pages of workbooks in 30 different languages! Currently the graphics will not be shown when the workbooks are translated but much of the page layout is preserved.


In 2002, the BSA set up a mirror site for in Spanish: Unfortunately as of 2008, this site still has only 12 pages. In addition, 25 fliers and handbooks are now in Spanish but few have been added since 2006.

Someday the BSA may offer more materials in Spanish but what about the dozens of other languages?

MeritBadge.Org can fix much of this problem Right Now!

Right Now MeritBadge.Org offers 600 key Scouting topics in English and dozens of other languages!

Right Now MeritBadge.Org offers almost a thousand pages of worksheets in dozens of languages!

Please tell others in your unit and council that we can now reach out to the 500,000 Scouts and their families who don't speak English.

Right now means everything.

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