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{{Mobile_page_linktable_begin|Merit Badges A - D<br><br><small>Merit Badges: {{mobile_link|m.MeritBadges|A-D}} &nbsp;{{mobile_link|m.MeritBadgesE-O|E-O}} &nbsp; {{mobile_link|m.MeritBadgesP-Z|P-Z}}</small>}}
====Merit Badges A - D====
Merit Badges: {{mobile_link|m.MeritBadges|A-D}} &nbsp;{{mobile_link|m.MeritBadgesE-O|E-O}} &nbsp; {{mobile_link|m.MeritBadgesP-Z|P-Z}}
<br>{{mobile_link|2009 Merit Badge Requirement Changes|2009 Merit Badge Requirement Changes}}
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| | '''Requirements''' &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;
| | '''Requirements''' &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;

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Merit Badges A - D

Merit Badges: A-D  E-O   P-Z
2009 Merit Badge Requirement Changes

Requirements               Article
American Business Full
American Cultures Full
American Heritage Full
American Labor Full
Animal Science Full
Archaeology Full
Archery Full
Architecture Full
Art Full
Astronomy Full
Athletics Full
Auto Maintenance Full
Aviation Full
Backpacking Full
Basketry Full
Bird Study Full
Bugling Full
Camping Full
Canoeing Full
Chemistry Full
Cinematography Full
Citizenship in the Comm Full
Citizenship in the Nation Full
Citizenship in the World Full
Climbing Full
Coin Collecting Full
Collections Full
Communications Full
Composite Materials Full
Computers Full
Cooking Full
Crime Prevention Full
Cycling Full
Dentistry Full
Disabilities Awareness Full
Dog Care Full
Drafting Full

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