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=== Origins ===
=== Origins ===

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The originator of the MeritBadge web sites is Michael Kauffmann aka The Optimist. These web sites are descended from his first site, the Optimistic Connection, which was online for over two years. The Opticon had such a wide range of topics that it was a little confusing for the users (and sometimes the author).

As usership increased and the amount of information on the web site grew, it became obvious that a more focused web site was needed and, the Merit Badge Research Center, was born.

During the summer of 2004, we experimented with the idea of starting up some forums to discuss Scout advancement topics. The forums caught on immediately and we moved them to their own web site --

In early 2007, we discussed the idea of creating a Scouting wiki to provide even more resources for Scouting. We placed the new wiki on


The logos and graphics developed for this site aren't as good as we'd like. If you're any good at creating graphics and would like to contribute to this site, please send in feedback. Also, if you want to make use of the merit badge and rank advancement graphics on this site, please read the copyright/disclaimer for information about use of copyrighted images and materials.

How You Can Help Yourself And Others?

That's easy... Submit useful web URLs! There are lots of great sites out there on Scout related topics. Provide useful information! Scouter's are the greatest asset to the Scouting movement. You are the one's who end up creating the most useful materials and program support ideas. Share them here. Thanks and enjoy your visit to the Merit Badge Research Center.

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