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In 1995, Michael Kauffmann (Optimist) began listing Boy Scout advancement resources on his first Bulletin Board System (BBS), "The Opticon", which grew quickly; and, with the advent of the World-Wide Web, the Scouting portion was spun off to become MeritBadge.Com; which, in 2007, evolved into MeritBadge.Org.


Our mission is to provide advancement resources for all levels in the Boy Scouts of America.

Our vision is to be the best Wikipedia dedicated to providing requirements, links, resources, and worksheets for youth, leaders, and parents.

Our goal is to list every requirement and provide resources for every badge, rank, and award offered by the Boy Scouts of American. Our materials and links are general resources for use by everyone, not just those in a certain area or unit.

MeritBadge.Org does not provide answer keys or cheat sheets or links to sites that provide those materials or other inappropriate materials. Please seeMeritBadgeDotOrg:Criteria for acceptable external links policy for more information.


On each page you will find a link to the left Printable version. Just click it for the nicely printable version.

What You'll Find

For over 300 Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, and Varsity ranks, awards, and badges. you will find:


Just click on any of the 2,452 images, photo, logos, documents and graphics to see the full size version and to download it.

How You Can Help Yourself And Others?

Come join the 15,003 volunteer users at MeritBadge.Org! This is a Wikipedia. Please register and help us!

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