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Community Portal

Just like all other pages on MeritBadgeDotOrg, the Community portal has two areas:
  • the project page (or article page), which is just like a Scouting "Roundtable"; and
  • the discussion page (more commonly referred to as talk pages), which is just like a Scouting "Cracker Barrel"

Here, you can find about about what's going on at this website, or even other BSA-related websites; you can find out about what areas need work, help... maybe your expertise would be just what the Scoutmaster ordered.

Welcome to MeritBadgeDotOrg
Please see Wikipedia:Introduction for a great introduction to and short tutorial about Wikipedia, the foundation by which this website functions as a MediaWiki.

Additional pages to help you get started

  • Community portal
Contributing to MeritBadgeDotOrg
Every registered user of this Wiki is an Editor. However, only those who actually edit something are Contributors. Won't you contribute something to MeritBadgeDotOrg, today? (Or, whenever you have a few minutes.) There's plenty to do. Remember, Helping Scouts advance is our mantra.

Editing rules and guidelines (In order of precedence)

1. Policies and usage standards
Prior to editing any pages, please read (and, of course, comply with) all MeritBadgeDotOrg policies.
2. Site-specific help and information regarding editing on this wiki
Help:Editing specific to this website. Here, you will find help on:
  • General editing help (i.e., text formatting)
  • Additional notes on page formatting
  • Adding an image
  • External links
3. The "Art of Wikifying" (a.k.a., Wiki-style writing)
Aside from items 1 and 2 noted above, you may wish to check out:
  • MeritBadgeDotOrg:Manual of Style for writing style guidance.
  • But, please... don't sweat the details, too much, just yet. We'd much rather you get you information on the website, which can be edited later, than not at all.
Note: Unlike Wikipedia, but like many MediaWiki sites, only registered users may edit pages on this Wiki. Registered users on this Wiki must be registered Scouters.
The Cracker Barrel
Click on the discussion tab (at the top of the page) above to switch over to the Cracker Barrel (a.k.a., Community portal talk page).
Unofficial Scouting-related Websites

The MeritBadge.Com/Net/Org Family of Websites

  • MeritBadge.Net, a.k.a. "The Scouting Discussion Network" (a phpBB Message board)
Got a specific question? Ask over at MeritBadge.Net and get specific answers!
  • MeritBadge.Org, a.k.a. The "Helping Scouts Advance" Wiki... Uh, You are here. ;-)

Other unofficial, but extremely beneficial Scouting links

Would you like to help out?

(That's what a Wiki is all about!) Many articles are stubs, or otherwise need attention, or haven't even been created, yet. If you like, go ahead, be bold, and jump right in. If you aren't ready to fly solo, you can participate in a Collaboration (coming soon).

Things to do...

(In no particular order of precedence.)

  1. Make some Userboxes.
  2. Build a colaboration page(s)for Shortcuts, or Templates, or both.

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