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The community portal has two main areas: The project page, which is just like a "Roundtable"; and the discussion area, which is like a "Cracker Barrel". Here, you can find about about what's going on at this website, or even other BSA-related websites; you can find out about what areas need work, help--maybe your expertise would be just what the Scoutmaster ordered....


The Cracker Barrrel

Click on the discussion tab above to switch over to the cracker barrel. (Once there, you can then click on the "+" tab to start a discussion.

The Roundtable

Editing Rules (In order of precedence)

1. Usage Standards

Prior to editing any pages, please read the MeritBadgeDotOrg:Usage standards page.

2. Site-specific information regarding editing this wiki

Help:Editing specific to this website

3. "The Art of Wikifying" Wiki-style Editing

Preferred Writing Styles

Aside from the Usage standards noted above, you can refer to Wikipedia:Manual of Style for writing style guidance. But, don't sweat the details, too much. We'd rather you get you information on the website, which can be edited later, than not at all. Just keep in mind, the

Official BSA and Unofficial Scouting-related Websites

The MeritBadge.Com/Net/Org Family of Websites

  • MeritBadge.Com, a.k.a The Merit Badge Resource Center
  • MeritBadge.Net, a.k.a. The Scouting [Advancement] Discussion Network (A phpBB Message board... Got a question? Get answers here!)
  • MeritBadge.Org, a.k.a. The Helping Scouts Advance wiki --> Uh, You are here. ;-) <--

Official BSA Websites

High Adventure
How To Get Involved!
Sister Organizations
Special Interest
Buy It!

Other unofficial, but highly recommended Scouting Links

Note: All of the links shown above have been verified to be working as of: 24 MAR 07

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