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==Locks used on this wiki==
==Locks used on this wiki==
{| {{prettytable}}
|+ '''Padlocks'''
|[[Image:Padlock-brass.png|44px|center]]Brass =<br>''Protected''
|[[Image:Padlock-black.png|44px|center]]Black =<br>''Banned''
|[[Image:Padlock-blue.png|44px|center]]Blue =<br>''Maintenance''
|[[Image:Padlock-gold.png|44px|center]]Gold =<br>''Administrative''
|[[Image:Padlock-green.png|44px|center]]Green =<br>''?''
|[[Image:Padlock-orange.png|44px|center]]Orange =<br>''Requirements''
|[[Image:Padlock-silver.png|44px|center]]Silver =<br>''?''
|[[Image:Padlock-red.png|44px|center]]Red =<br>''?''
===Message box style...===
===Message box style...===

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The vast majority of articles/pages within MeritBadgeDotOrg are not protected. However, for various reasons, certain articles/pages or sections of articles/pages are protected by an administrator.

Locks used on this wiki

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Brass =
Black =
Blue =
Gold =
Green =
Orange =
Silver =
Red =

Message box style...


Editing this page is currently restricted to administrators in order to deal with vandalism, spam, etc.
Please discuss any proposed changes on the talk page. Thank you.

Protected policy

{{Protected policy}}

Protected maintenance

{{Protected maintenance}}
Protected maintenance This article is protected by a maintenance lock (protection log). If you wish to edit this article, or to ask for an administrator to make an edit for you, please use {{editprotected}} on the talk page and discuss your ideas for the proposed changes there, as well.

Protected requirements

{{Protected requirements}}

Template:Protected requirements

Lock only style...

These templates place a small lock in the upper right hand corner of the article/page/section. (See the lock in the upper-right hand corner of this page for an example.) See each template for additional details.

Protected policy lock

{{Protected policy lock}}

Protected maintenance lock

{{Protected maintenance lock}}

Protected requirements lock

{{Protected requirements lock}} <-- Preferred usage.


  • In all cases, where any article, page, or section therein, is protected, a lock template should be applied.
  • In cases of having multiple reasons for page protection, only the most appropriate lock template should be applied.

Main namespace

  • In almost all cases, articles in the Main namespace that have are protected (or have a protected section) should have a "lock only" template applied; we must consider these pages as printable and don't need to clutter them up when a simple lock only template will do the job.

Other namespaces

Use the appropriate "message box" style or "lock only" template that would be the best fit for that particular page.

Talk namespaces

There should not ever be a good enough reason to apply a lock template to any talk namespace page.


  • Applying one of the above templates does not actually protect the article/page — that must be done separately, by an administrator.
  • Lock templates should only be applied/removed by an administrator.
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