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Also see Category:Navigational templates, which should contain all of the templates shown on this page, and vice-versa.


Advancement templates

{{Advancement programs navbox}}

Advancement Policies
Advancement (Report) Boy Scouts (Resources) Service Projects
Rules and Regulations First Class-First Year Eagle Scout Project
 What is Scout Spirit?  Scoutmaster Conferences Lifesaving Awards
When is a Scout Active? Time Extensions Summer Camp
When is a Scout in Uniform? Boards of Review - Appeals Merit Badges, Events & FAQ
Scouts with Special Needs Advancement Campout  Cub Scouts  (Resources)
Religious Principle Courts of Honor
Books & References  12 Steps From Life to Eagle  Venturing & Sea Scouts  
Click here for Many more Advancement Policies

{{Cub Scouting advancement navbox}}

{{Boy Scouting advancement navbox}}

{{Venturing advancement navbox}}

{{Varsity Scouting advancement navbox}}


{{Eagle Required Merit Badges navbox}}

Template:Eagle Required Merit Badges navbox

{{Webelos Activity Badges navbox}}

{{Cub Scout Academics and Sports navbox}}


{{Scouting Ideals navbox}}

{{Patrol Leaders Council navbox}}

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