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What is a Sysop?

Sysops are administrators that help keep this website running efficiently and effectively for the benefit of Scouting.

Who are the Sysops on this wiki?

Can I become a Sysop on this wiki?

Yes. Please email RWSmith directly, if you are interested. Note first, however, there are...

Pre-requisites for adminship

In order to become and remain a Sysop on this wiki, you must be:

  • a registered and active Scouter;
  • trained (and stay current, i.e., YPT) for the BSA adult leader position you currently hold; and
  • an active member of MeritBadge.Net for a period of not less than six months. (No exceptions.)

Once you meet these pre-requisites, some personal information will required (which will only be available to the Bureaucrats here and the Administrators of MeritBadge.Net) in order to complete your RfA application, as it will verified with the Council in which you are registered.

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