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==Usage standards==
==Usage standards policy==
=== Who may edit pages? ===
=== Who may edit pages? ===

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Usage standards policy

Who may edit pages?

Only adult Scouters registered with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are allowed to register and edit pages on this web site. Any adult Scouter who ceases to be a registered member of the BSA must likewise cease to participate in editing this web site.

What kind of content is allowed?

This site is intended to be a reference site for the existing national programs of the Boy Scouts of America. As such, only materials which support those programs are allowed. Examples of good content include:

  • worksheets and other forms which help Scouts work on advancement;
  • topic related excerpts from Scouting publications;
  • materials created at the local level which are suitable for use by units anywhere

What kind of content is not allowed?

  • Discussions of any kind other than the specifics of this web site's maintenance. If you wish to discuss Scouting related topics, please visit
  • Developmental information (e.g., proposed new merit badges, proposed policy changes, etc). Many discussions along these lines occur at
  • Scouting publications in their entirety. The Scouting movement uses its various publications to raise funds to support their programs. This site does not wish to infringe on this practice.
  • Localized materials (i.e., materials which include Scout troop information and/or local council information, etc).
  • Materials unrelated to Scouting.

Remember, no localized content please.

What is the primary source of advancement requirements?

The preferred source for requirements for Ranks, Awards, and Merit Badges is the latest edition of Boy Scout Requirements which is updated annually and released at the beginning of the calendar year. The are two exceptions to this rule:

  • The BSA releases a small number of new merit badge pamphlets each year. If these updates are released after the current edition of Boy Scout Requirements and if the new requirements are significantly different from those in the Boy Scout Requirements book then the requirements in the merit badge pamphlet should be used.
  • Like any publication, the Boy Scout Requirements book will occasionally contain some errors. If the errors are significant then the requirements in the merit badge pamphlet should be used.

What is considered fair use of this web site's content?

Anyone in the Scouting program may use any of the materials contained on this web site in their local programs. This includes all forms, worksheets, requirements, and graphics. Copyrighted Scouting materials featured on this web site are published under Scouting's fair use policies and we pass these policies along to our users. Refer to the policy pages listed below for more information.

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