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List of Userboxes on the MeritBadgeDotOrg Wiki

"I would like to suggest that you build some user boxes here. I will make the first one." --Yakatz

When you make a new Userbox for the MeritBadgeDotOrg Wiki, please edit this section and list it here:

1. User BSA (Registered Scouter) --by Yakatz
2. User Eagle Scout --by Yakatz (Modified by RWSmith to make it work here.)
3. User Eagle Scout 2 (2nd-generation) --by RWSmith
4. User Life --by Epmatsw
5. User Star --by Unionhawk
6. User Contributor --by Optimist
7. User SysOp --by Ronin718
8. User Silver Award --by Swim4lyfe
9. User Arrow of Light --by Swim4lyfe
10. User Varsity Scout --by Swim4lyfe
11. User Quartermaster Award --by Swim4lyfe

Userbox information

This page gives information about the design, construction, and usage of userboxes, which are only intended to be used on userpages. MeritBadgeDotOrg is first and foremost an online resource for Scout advancement, and its online community is a means to that end. Userboxes are tools which are intended for communication purposes, such as helping editors collaborate more effectively on articles. Userboxes (commonly abbreviated as UBX) are small colored boxes designed to appear on Wikipedians' user pages. They generally include one or two small graphics and a few short lines of text. Often they also include wiki markup that places the user in a category.

  • Userboxes are generally created as templates and transcluded onto userpages,
  • although their markup may be substituted directly onto userpages instead.


Unless (and until) a beauracrat says otherwise, please follow the instructions and guidance at Wikipedia:Userboxes. Although any editor can –and is welcome to– update this project page, any questions or comments should carried next door to the Userboxes talk page.


Userbox names must begin with "User" (for example, Template:User Someuserboxname).

Userboxes should not be used in articles.

For an extensive list of Userboxes already in use on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Userboxes/Wikipedia. Any of these userboxes may be lifted and recreated here.

If you wish to offer an idea for a new userbox for use on MeritBadgeDotOrg, please do so on the ideas page.

If you have designed a userbox that you would like to make available to others, you may wish to first display it on the Userboxes talk page, for community comment. But, you are certainly not required to do so.

Userboxes on MeritBadgeDotOrg are only to be created on or displayed in the [[Template:]] namespace, the [[Project:]] (a.k.a., [[MeritBadgeDotOrg:]]) namespace, or the User: namespace.

  • Traditionally, content in User: space is given more leeway than in other namespaces, so userboxes in User: space might not be as encyclopedic in nature as those in Template: or MeritBadgeDotOrg: namespaces.

Designing a userbox

The following userbox design and creation guidelines apply equally to all user templates (including any userbox or userbox-like markup), regardless of whether they have been transcluded, substituted, or written from scratch. Userboxes that fail to meet these guidelines may be subject to deletion.

Color Coding

A free color chart can be found at RGB to Color Name Mapping (Triplet and Hex).


Typical userbox content examples:

  • This user <verb phrase> <noun phrase>
    • This user is <noun phrase>
    • This user is a member of <noun phrase>
    • This user is a fan of <noun phrase>
    • This user supports <noun phrase>
    • This user contributes to <noun phrase>
    • This user is interested in <noun phrase>
    • This user is fascinated by <noun phrase>

Other combinations are obviously possible.

Other typical verbs (again, others are possible): drives, eats, edits, enjoys, favors, likes, loves, plays, prefers, reads, speaks, understands, uses, and watches.

Avoid the following verbs: considers, finds, knows, and thinks.

Also avoid compound sentences which are positive and negative, such as:

  • This user likes <noun phrase>, but does not like <another noun phrase>.
Content restrictions

Simply: If content is not appropriate on a user page, it is not appropriate within userboxes.

Caution about image use

Make certain the image license conforms with MeritBadgeDotOrg Copyright policy — this includes templates, userboxes, and user pages.

Category inclusion
  • For the time being, the only Category necessary to apply to Userboxes, is: [[Category:Userboxes]]
  • Do not create categories which could potentially include all MeritBadgeDotOrg users. For example, userboxes such as: "This user is a Wikipedian."; "This user is human."; "This user uses the internet"; etc., should not include category markup based on such criteria. (Exception: User BSA applies to all registered users of this Wiki.)
  • Avoid categorizing "not"-based userboxes. For example: "This user does not like <noun phrase>."

The Userbox Easy-Steps

Step 1
Create a /Userboxes directory under your User:"Username" so you can have a place to experiment.
Step 2
Find a userbox that already looks something like what you want and use it as a "draft" for your new creation.
Step 3
Cut and paste the userbox code, which can be found in the "edit" or "view source" tab of the userbox page into your userbox page here.

A few final words...

  • This page is NOT policy, yet.
  • This page references policies that don't exist here, yet.
  • This page is still under construction. (You are welcome to edit this page.)
  • Post comments, suggestions, ideas, over on the talk page.
  • Thanks again, to Yakatz.
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