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This is the layout to be used for Category:Merit Badges articles. Please use the Talk Page to discuss any suggestions for additions or changes to this article format.


Merit badge requirements
{{BSR|2007}} as source for requirements
Help with these requirements
Related awards
See also
External links
{{Eagle Required}} navigation footer, if appropriate

Copy and Paste

{{Infobox_MeritBadge_Silver or Infobox_MeritBadge_Green
|requirements revision= 
|pamphlet revision= 
:''This article is about the [[Merit Badge]] for [[Boy Scout]]s''
:''for the Belt Loop and Pin for Cub Scouts, see [[Cub Scout xxxx]]''
:''for the Webelos Activity Pin, see [[xxxx]]''

== Merit badge requirements == 


== Help with these requirements ==

== Notes == 

== Related awards ==

== See also ==

== External links ==

<-- {{Eagle Required}} if appropriate -->

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