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{{Webelos Activity Badge introduction}}
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|group=  <!-- Physical Skills, Mental Skills,
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<-- use this section if the name of the Activity Badge is similar to the name of another award
:''This article is about the [[Webelos Activity Badges|Webelos Activity Pin]]''
:''for the Belt Loop and Pin for Cub Scouts, see [[Cub Scout xxxx]]''
:''for the Merit Badge for Boy Scouts, see [[xxxx]]'' -->

{{Webelos Activity Badge introduction}}

<-- This Activity Badge is '''''required''' for the [[Webelos Scout|Webelos badge]]. -->
<-- This Activity Badge is '''''required''' for the [[Arrow of Light award]]. -->

== Requirements ==
'''''Do these:'''''

'''''And do five of these:'''''


== Help with these requirements ==
* [[Media:{{PAGENAME}}.pdf|{{PAGENAME}} Worksheet]]   →   [[Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets|Other Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets]]

== Notes ==
# [[Cub_Scout_Academics#Earning_Loops_and_Pins_multiple_times |Details on earning a Cub Scout Sports or Academic pin or belt loop multiple times]]

== Related awards ==
*[[Cub Scout xxxx]] Belt Loop and Pin
*[[xxxx]] Merit Badge
*[[Boy Scouting advancement|Boy Scout Ranks]]
**Requirement x is similar to [[xxxx Rank|xxxx]] Requirement x 

== See also ==

== External links ==

{{Webelos Activity Badges}}


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