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To Do


  • currently changing all articles to align to latest outline format

Minor (Housekeeping)

  • Move disambiguation text into {{Otheruses|asdf}} template
  • add {{PAGENAME}}:
    • "{{PAGENAME}} Belt Loop/Pin requirements"
    • "Earn the {{PAGENAME}} belt loop"
  • change requirements' numbered lists to "#" (prefered), or <li> (HTML, needed if there are nested lists, i.e.: 1a,b,c)
    • cleans up formatting/indenting of multi-line text


Related requirements as a table

Take a look at Cub Scout Art# Related achievements, electives, or other awards. Could this be made more readable by using a table? Scouterdennis 11:32, March 24, 2008 (EDT)

Adding actual requirement text in the "Related..." section

What are the opinions of adding the text from the actual requirements inline?

For example:
Wolf Cub Scout
Wolf Electives
  • Wolf Elective 2b (Make some scenery for a skit) could be met by completing Cub Scout Art Pin requirement 5 or 8
  • Wolf Elective 12a ("Make a freehand sketch of a person place, or thing.") could be met by completing Cub Scout Art Belt Loop requirement 2 or Art Pin requirement 2 and could be used to complete Cub Scout Art Pin requirement 11
Scouterdennis 11:32, March 24, 2008 (EDT)
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