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Welcome to the all-new Merit Badge Worksheets! Click a merit badge name below for the current requirements. Right click on a worksheet name to the right to save or print the optional worksheets. Worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. Per the BSA: You should read the merit badge pamphlet on the subject. Merit badge pamplets are available at your local Scout Shop or online at


  • The new worksheets add blank maps, checklists, and even graph paper as needed. Each worksheet also has adds online links.
  • Over half of the worksheets have links to free, online video lessons. Camping and Canoing are good examples.
  • Editable doc file versions of the worksheets are at
  • You can also download a single ZIP file with all 121 merit badge worksheets by clicking here. (It's 20 MB due to the fact that there are 600 pages of worksheets.)
  • A Scout is expected to meet the requirements exactly as stated – no more and no less.
  • Scouts STARTING a merit badge must use the CURRENT Boy Scout Requirements and can continue to use those requirements even if new requirements are published. A Scout may then elect to complete the full set of new requirements or the full set of old requirements. A Scout cannot pick and choose from both sets. If he chooses to use the new requirements, he can, of course, use the work he has done on any of the old requirements, if the requirement is unchanged, or only had editorial changes which don't actually change the actual requirement.
  • If a BLANK appears in the lists below, it indicates that revisions to the worksheets are pending, due to revised requirements.
  • Email the worksheet developer with any comments or ideas: Craig.

We now also have Webelos Activity Badge Worksheets and Cub Scout Worksheets!


Merit Badge
Requirements and Resources
Worksheets Backup Copies
Download all worksheets in a single large ZIP file 20MB ZIP
American Business Worksheet Am-Business
American Cultures Worksheet Am-Culture
American Heritage Worksheet Am-Heritage
American Labor Worksheet Am-Labor
Animal Science Worksheet Animal-Science
Archaeology Worksheet Archaeology
Archery Worksheet Archery
Architecture Worksheet Architecture
Art Worksheet Art
Astronomy Worksheet Astronomy
Athletics Worksheet Athletics
Auto Mechanics Worksheet Auto-Mech
Aviation Worksheet Aviation
Backpacking Worksheet Backpacking
Basketry Worksheet Basketry
Bird Study Worksheet Bird-Study
Bugling Worksheet Bugling
Camping Worksheet Camping
Canoeing Worksheet Canoeing
Chemistry Worksheet Chemistry
Cinematography Worksheet Cinema
Citizenship in the Community Worksheet Cit-Comm
Citizenship in the Nation Worksheet Cit-Nation
Citizenship in the World Worksheet Cit-World
Climbing Worksheet Climbing
Coin Collecting Worksheet Coin-Collect
Collections Worksheet Collections
Communications Worksheet Communications
Composite Materials Worksheet Composite-Mat
Computers Worksheet Computers
Cooking Worksheet Cooking
Crime Prevention Worksheet Crime-Prev
Cycling Worksheet Cycling
Dentistry Worksheet Dentistry
Disabilities Awareness Worksheet Disab-Aware
Dog Care Worksheet Dog-Care
Drafting Worksheet Drafting
Electricity Worksheet Electricity
Electronics Worksheet Electronics
Emergency Preparedness Worksheet Emer-Prep
Energy Worksheet Energy
Engineering Worksheet Engineering
Entrepreneurship Worksheet Entrepreneur
Environmental Science Worksheet Env-Science
Family Life Worksheet Family-Life
Farm Mechanics Worksheet Farm-Mech
Fingerprinting Worksheet Fingerprinting
Fire Safety Worksheet Fire-Safety
First Aid Worksheet First-Aid
Fish and Wildlife Management Worksheet Fish-and-Wildlife
Fishing Worksheet Fishing
Fly Fishing Worksheet Fly-Fishing
Forestry Worksheet Forestry
Gardening Worksheet Gardening
Genealogy Worksheet Genealogy
Geology Worksheet Geology
Golf Worksheet Golf
Graphic Arts Worksheet Graphic-Arts
Hiking Worksheet Hiking
Home Repairs Worksheet Home-Repair
Horsemanship Worksheet Horsemanship
Indian Lore Worksheet Indian-Lore
Insect Study Worksheet Insect-Study
Journalism Worksheet Journalism
Landscape Architecture Worksheet Landscape-Arch
Law Worksheet Law
Leatherwork Worksheet Leatherwork
Lifesaving Worksheet Lifesaving
Mammal Study Worksheet Mammal-Study
Medicine Worksheet Medicine
Metalwork Worksheet Metalwork
Model Design and Building Worksheet Model-Design
Motorboating Worksheet Motorboating
Music Worksheet Music
Nature Worksheet Nature
Nuclear Science Worksheet Nuclear-Science
Oceanography Worksheet Oceanography
Orienteering Worksheet Orienteering
Painting Worksheet Painting
Personal Fitness Worksheet Pers-Fitness
Personal Management Worksheet Pers-Manage
Pets Worksheet Pets
Photography Worksheet Photography
Pioneering Worksheet Pioneering
Plant Science Worksheet Plant-Science
Plumbing Worksheet Plumbing
Pottery Worksheet Pottery
Public Health Worksheet Public-Health
Public Speaking Worksheet Public-Speaking
Pulp and Paper Worksheet Pulp-and-Paper
Radio Worksheet Radio
Railroading Worksheet Railroading
Reading Worksheet Reading
Reptile and Amphibian Study Worksheet Reptile-Amphibian
Rifle Shooting Worksheet Rifle-Shooting
Rowing Worksheet Rowing
Safety Worksheet Safety
Salesmanship Worksheet Salesmanship
Scholarship Worksheet Scholarship
Sculpture Worksheet Sculpture
Shotgun Shooting Worksheet Shotgun-Shooting
Skating Worksheet Skating
Small-Boat Sailing Worksheet Small-Boat-Sailing
Snow Sports Worksheet Snow-Sports
Soil and Water Conservation Worksheet Soil-Water
Space Exploration Worksheet Space-Explore
Sports Worksheet Sports
Stamp Collecting Worksheet Stamp-Collecting
Surveying Worksheet Surveying
Swimming Worksheet Swimming
Textile Worksheet Textile
Theater Worksheet Theater
Traffic Safety Worksheet Traffic-Safety
Truck Transportation Worksheet Truck-Transport
Veterinary Medicine Worksheet Vet-Medicine
Water Sports Worksheet Water Sports
Weather Worksheet Weather
Whitewater Worksheet Whitewater
Wilderness Survival Worksheet Wild-Surv
Wood Carving Worksheet Wood-Carving
Woodwork Worksheet Woodwork


  • Right-click on a worksheet name to Save As... or Print without viewing the worksheet on screen.
  • These worksheets files are up to ten times smaller than the old worksheets and should load quickly.
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