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*[ American Society of Cinematographers]
*[ American Society of Cinematographers]
*[ The Internet Movie Database]
*[ The Internet Movie Database]
*[ Filmmaking]
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[[Category:Boy Scouts]] [[Category:Merit Badges]]

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Merit badge requirements

1. Explain and demonstrate the proper elements of a good motion picture.
a. Visual storytelling
b. Rhythm
c. The 180-degree axis rule
d. Camera movement
e. Framing and composition of camera shots
f. Lens selection
2. Do the following:
a. Tell the story you plan to film in a three- or four-paragraph treatment. How does it read on paper?
b. Prepare a storyboard for your motion picture (This can be done with rough sketches and stick figures.)
c. Demonstrate six of the following motion picture shooting techniques.
1. Using a tripod
2. Panning a camera
3. Framing a shot
4. Selecting an angle
5. Selecting proper lighting
6. Hand-held shooting
d. Do ONE of the following, using motion picture techniques in planning a program for your troop or school. Start with a treatment , and complete the requirement by presenting the program to the troop, patrol, or class.
1. Film or videotape a court of honor and show it to an audience.
2. Create a minifeature of your own design using the techniques you learn.
3. Film or videotape a vignette that could be used to train a new Scout in a Scouting Skill.
3. Do ONE of the following:
a. Visit a film set or a television production studio and watch how production work is done.
b. Explain to your counselor the elements of the zoom lens and three important parts.
4. Explain the following jobs related to film or video production: director, producer, cinematographer, key grip, gaffer, best boy, assistant camera operator.

Source: 2007 Boy Scout Requirements (33215)


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