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The National Eagle Scout Association, commonly referred to as NESA, is an organization for a Scout what have achieved the Eagle Scout rank. Founded in 1925, NESA began as the Knights of Dunamis growing to 110 chapters at its height. The Knights of Dunamis was dissolved and, in May of 1972, the National Eagle Scout Association was formed.

Eagle Scout knot
(NESA Life Member)

Eagle Scout knot
with silver border
Level:NESA life members



Membership is restricted to Eagle Scouts in good standing. Applications for NESA membership are cross-checked against the national Eagle Scout register maintained by the Eagle Scout Service.

Members receive the Eagletter – a bi-monthly magazine that keeps NESA members informed of what Eagles are doing around the country and developments in the Scouting movement.


Regular. A five-year new or renewal NESA membership is available for $25. A basic plastic wallet card and wall certificate are provided with this membership level.

Lifetime. The NESA life membership is available for a one-time payment of $180. Members will receive an attractive, full-color plastic wallet card and wall certificate. Life members may wear the Eagle Scout NESA Life Membership Award which is a red, white, and blue knot on tan with silver metallic border, item #18902

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