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Nova Worksheets include the charts, diagram, links, and
checklists you need plus cross-references for related requirements!

Worksheets are also available for Cub Scout Adventures, Webelos & Arrow of Light Adventure Pins and Boy Scout Merit Badges.


Boy Scouts have been using Merit Badge Worksheets for years. Webelos have used worksheets for their Webelos Adventure Pins, and worksheets are even available for all of the Cub Scout required & elective Adventures. Now all the Nova & Supernova awards have worksheets too! These optional worksheets can help Scouts organize notes, listen actively, and document their work. Leaders and parents can quickly see if a Scout is understanding. Worksheets allow group instruction with individual attention. The use of the Worksheets can NOT be required, and they should be used as an AID by the Scouts. If a requirement uses terms like "Show", "Demonstrate", "Explain", or similar terms, he must do exactly that, not just write out an answer on the worksheet.

Click on a Nova module name below for the current corresponding worksheet. Right click on a worksheet to save or print the worksheet. Many of the extra materials that you will need are included in the worksheets!

Email the worksheet developer with any comments or ideas:[1].


Cub Scout

Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Science Everywhere
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Down and Dirty
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Nova WILD!
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Out of This World
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Tech Talk
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Swing!
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: 1-2-3 Go!
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Fearful Symmetry
Cub/Webelos Scout Nova: Uncovering the Past
Cub Scout Supernova: Dr. Luis W. Alvarez Supernova Award
Webelos Scout Supernova: Dr. Charles H. Townes Supernova Award

Boy Scout

Boy Scout Nova: Let It Grow!
Boy Scout Nova: Shoot!
Boy Scout Nova: Start Your Engines!
Boy Scout Nova: Whoosh!
Boy Scout Nova: Designed to Crunch
Boy Scout Nova: Splash!
Boy Scout Supernova: Dr. Bernard Harris Bronze Supernova Award
Boy Scout Supernova: Thomas Edison Silver Supernova Award


Venturing Nova: Launch!
Venturing Nova: Power Up
Venturing Nova: Hang On!
Venturing Nova: Numbers Don't Lie
Venturing Nova: Wade!
Venturing Supernova: Dr. Sally Ride Bronze Supernova Award
Venturing Supernova: Wright Brothers Silver Supernova Award (option 1)
Venturing Supernova: Wright Brothers Silver Supernova Award (option 2)
Venturing Supernova: Dr. Albert Einstein Gold Supernova Award


  • Right-click on a worksheet name to Save As... or Print it without viewing the worksheet on screen.
  • These worksheets are up to ten times smaller than old worksheets and should load quickly.

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