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*[http://www.scouting.org/venturing/awards/ranger.html Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA scouting.org site.
*[http://www.scouting.org/venturing/awards/ranger.html Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA scouting.org site.
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Elective requirements

Requirement 1. Research a historical culture and time period of interest to you, such as Native American, mountain man, pioneer, or Revolutionary/Civil War.
Requirement 2. Write a 2,000-word essay or make an outline describing the culture's dress, food, housing, customs, etc.
Requirement 3. Using your research, make an outfit that represents a person or type of person (soldier, farmer, trader, hunter, chief, etc.) from your chosen culture.
Requirement 4. Using your research, construct a working tool or weapon out of authentic materials that would have been used by the person you have chosen to represent in 3 above.
Requirement 5. Once your clothing and accouterments are complete, attend and participate in a pow wow, rendezvous, reenactment, historical trek, or other event that includes your chosen culture.
Requirement 6. Make a presentation of your chosen culture to your crew, another crew, a Cub or Scout group, or another group.
Requirement 7. Tour
a. Organize a group tour to a museum, archaeological dig, or other site of significance to your chosen culture.
b. After the tour, lead your group in a discussion about what they learned.

Source: 1999 (2006 printing) Venturer Handbook (33494C)


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