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The PLC.

A Boy Scout Troop is meant to be boy run. By the boys, for the Boys. So, in order to make sure this boy-run idea is run, the Troop organizes into patrols, and the leaders of the patrols sit on what is know as the Patrol Leader’s Council and have voting power. The Senior Patrol Leader is the Chair of this group, and may vote in the event of a tie. To guide the troop, any of the Adult Leader Positions {Scoutmaster, Troop Committee Chair, Troop Guide, ASM(s) and JASM(s)} may also go to their meetings. Plus the Youth Leader Positions {Instructor(s), Quartermaster(s), Scribe(s) – Main and Junior Webmaster, Librarian, Historian,Chaplin Aide, OATR, Bugler and ASPL} are also well come.

So, here is the PLC Break down.

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