Paul Bunyan Woodsman

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Paul Bunyan Woodsman

Paul Bunyan Award Emblem
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The Paul Bunyan Woodsman award encourages Scouts in the proper use of woods tools, training others in Totin' Chip skills, and creating a simple outdoor project using acquired woods tools skills.

Paul Bunyan Woodsman requirements

Study the Scouts BSA Handbook and the Camping merit badge pamphlet, and demonstrate to your Scoutmaster or other qualified person the following:

  1. Explain the most likely hazards you may encounter while participating in camping activities and what you should do to anticipate, help prevent, mitigate, and respond to these hazards.
  2. Show that you know first aid for injuries that could occur while using woods tools.
  3. Earn the Totin' Chip.
  4. Help a Scout or patrol earn the Totin' Chip, and demonstrate to them the value of proper woods-tools use.
  5. Earn the Firem'n Chit.
  6. Be familiar with the proper and safe use of woods tools including:
    1. Ax
    2. Hatchet
    3. Loppers
    4. McLeod
    5. Pulaski
    6. Saw
    7. Shovel
  7. With official approval and supervision, using woods tools, spend at least two hours doing one of the following conservation-oriented projects:
    1. Clear trails or fire lanes.
    2. Trim a downed tree, cut into 4-foot lengths, and stack; make a brush pile with the branches.
    3. Build a natural retaining wall or irrigation way to aid in a planned conservation effort.

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Paul Bunyan Award pocket certificate (obverse)
Paul Bunyan Award pocket certificate (obverse)
Paul Bunyan Award pocket certificate (reverse)SKU: 34395
Paul Bunyan Award pocket certificate (reverse)
SKU: 34395

The award patch is not for uniform wear and should only be affixed to a blanket or backpack.

Each troop is encouraged to use the award card to recognize every Scout when he completes the requirements in the Scouts BSA Handbook for the Paul Bunyan award. There are spaces on the card to enter the Scout's name, council it was earned in, unit name and number, date earned and signature of the Scoutmaster. Use this at the weekly troop meeting or save it for one of the troop's courts of honor.

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