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In order to advance to the rank of Star, Life, and Eagle, you must hold one of the following leadership positions for a certain amount of time.

Patrol leader

To make troops smaller and easier to control, the troops are divided into groups called patrols. The Patrol Leader is in charge of the members in his patrol. He is in charge of making sure the patrol does what needs to be done in order to succeed.

Senior Patrol Leader

The Senior Patrol Leader (or SPL) is the scout who oversees the entire troop. He is in charge of everything the troop does and he is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. He works along with the Scoutmaster and then passes the word on to the Patrol Leaders. He is in charge of assigning the younger scouts to do tasks as well as teaching them through example the scout oath and law as well as properly wearing his uniform.

Assistant senior patrol leader

The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (or ASPL) is second in command of the troop. He takes over the troop when the SPL is unable to do so. Other than setting a good example and covering for the SPL, his main role is to teach the scribe, quartermaster, librarian, historian, and chaplain aide how to do their jobs.

Troop Guide

The Troop Guide’s main responsibility is to teach the new scouts the tasks they will need in order to be part of the troop as well as advance. He also makes sure that older scouts treat new scouts properly. The ultimate goal of the Troop Guide is to have the scouts advance to First class in their first year of scouting.

Order of the Arrow troop representative

The Order of the Arrow (or OA) is a brotherhood of scouts who demonstrate the scout oath, and law in their everyday life. The members are elected by their troop and much go through an ordeal in order to be admitted. The OA troop representative is in charge of keeping the troop updated on OA activities and representing the troop in meetings.

Den Chief

The Den Chief is a Boy Scout who helps Cub Scouts advance through the ranks to finally cross over into Boy scouting. He attends the weekly Den meetings and monthly pack meetings and helps out with activities in the meetings.


The Scribe is in charge of recording troop records such as attendance, dues, advancement and minutes for meetings.


This position involves keeping track of the history of the troop as well as the literature that the troop owns. He makes sure that the books stay up to date and in good shape.


The Quartermaster oversees the equipment that the troop has as well as the condition it is in. He recommends ordering new equipment and purchases the food needed for camping trips.


The Bugler plays the appropriate calls when told to by the Scoutmaster. He is also to learn a new call while being the troop Bugler.

Junior assistant Scoutmaster

The Junior assistant Scoutmaster (or JASM) is an older scout, usually between 16 and 18, who serves as an assistant scoutmaster in preparation for a leadership role later on. He does jobs that the Scoutmaster tells him to do and sets a good example.

Chaplain aide

The Chaplain aide makes sure that the troop keeps their faith in mind when planning activities as well as praying before meals and before lights out.

For Star, you must hold one of these positions for 4 months or more and for Life and Eagle you must hold them for 6 months or more.

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