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Program Vice President
Selected by:Youth post or club members
Reports to:Post or Club President

The Program Vice President is a second highest-ranking leader of the Explorer post or club along with the Administrative Vice President. Elected by the youth post or club members, he or she works together with the leadership team.


Reports to


  • Serves as the program officer of the post or club and, in that position, arranges the program planning process for the post or club
  • Collects and maintains a post or club activity file consisting of the Career Opportunities Worksheet, a list of post or club member interests, and suggestions for activities, program resources, and an annual activity schedule
  • Determines the interests of the post or club members on an ongoing basis (using Explorer Activity Interest Surveys)
  • Provides support for the chair and committee for each activity
  • Maintains an up-to-date calendar of post or club meetings and activities
  • Approaches and encourages others to approach Exploring activities in a spirit of fun and enjoyment


The Program Vice President is the second-highest youth leader in its unit. Other second youth leaders are:

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