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*[ Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA site.
*[ Venturing Ranger Award] on the BSA site.
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Elective requirements

Do 1, 2, or 3.

Requirement 1. Complete and teach courses
a. Complete a BSA Project COPE course including both low and high initiatives. (Project COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience and is an outdoor course available through most Boy Scout councils. It usually involves a weekend of team building using group initiative games and low and high ropes course obstacles. This is an excellent crew activity.)
b. After you have personally been through a COPE course, help run at least two other COPE courses.
Requirement 2. Attend BSA camp school and successfully complete the COPE director's course.
Requirement 3. Complete a hands-on outdoor education course through a college or university of at least 80 hours.

Source: 1999 (2006 printing) Venturer Handbook (33494C)


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