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Quest Award

Award is pinned immediately above the seam of the left pocket.

The Venturing Quest Award builds directly on the Sports Bronze Award. It focuses on the traditions of sportsmanship and lifelong fitness. By teaching about non-traditional sports, this award allows Venturers to learn skills and fitness techniques they might never have a chance to encounter before.


Award requirements

Core requirements

Do all five of the following Quest Award core requirements:

Quest Award core requirements (all listed)
1. Sports Bronze Award
2. First Aid
3. Fitness for life
4. Fitness assessment
5. Sports disciplines


Complete requirements for at least one Quest Award elective:

1. History and Heritage of Sports
2. Sports Nutrition
3. Drug-free Sport
4. Communications
5. History and Heritage of the Disabled Sports Movement

Source: 2003 Quest Handbook (33151)


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