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Venturers registered in a Sea Scout ship may earn Sea Scouting ranks.
Venturers registered in a Sea Scout ship may earn Sea Scouting ranks.
==Advancement Policies==
{{:Advancement Policies}}
{{:Advancement Policies}}

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See Advancement for the entire advancement trail within all Scouting programs.
See Awards for all advancement and special opportunities awards.

Ranks in the Scouting program phases signify experience and knowledge. Some have tenure requirements, while others have no set time frame.

Ranks are stations of progression along an advancement trail in Scouting. Along with ranks, recognition for an achievement along an advancement trail may also be a be an advancement award or badge. For example, the Sea Scouting advancement trail comprised entirely of ranks; Venturing is exclusively advancement awards.


Cub Scout advancement

Main article: Cub Scouting

The Bobcat badge is required for all new youth members before they may progress to the higher ranks..

Boy Scout Advancement

Main: Boy Scout Ranks, see also: Boy Scout Advancement

The Scout Badge is the joining requirements Boy Scout. Eagle Palms are recognition for further service, growth, and tenure in the Scouting program.

Varsity Scout Advancement

The Boy Scout requirements for advancement is the basis for Varsity Scout advancement. There are no ranks for Varsity Scouts outside the Eagle trail; they are however eligible to earn advancement awards available only to Varsity Scouts.

Venturing (and Sea Scouting) Advancement

Main article: Venturing advancement

Venturers registered in a Sea Scout ship may earn Sea Scouting ranks.

Advancement Policies

Advancement Policies
Advancement (Report) Boy Scouts (Resources) Service Projects
Rules and Regulations First Class-First Year Eagle Scout Project
 What is Scout Spirit?  Scoutmaster Conferences Lifesaving Awards
When is a Scout Active? Time Extensions Summer Camp
When is a Scout in Uniform? Boards of Review - Appeals Merit Badges, Events & FAQ
Scouts with Special Needs Advancement Campout  Cub Scouts  (Resources)
Religious Principle Courts of Honor
Books & References  12 Steps From Life to Eagle  Venturing & Sea Scouts  
Click here for Many more Advancement Policies
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