Rope burns

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From How to Treat Rope Burn

Rope burns are an example of a friction burn, since they involve abrasion of the top layer of skin and thermal burning due to the friction and heat produced by the speed and pressure of the rope rubbing the skin.

Treatment Steps

  1. Assess the wound for size and depth using standard burn ratings - first, second or third degree burns. Remember that large area burns (above 3 inches in diameter) should be given emergency treatment by a professional.
  2. Clean the rope burn with clean water, splashing or squirting over it, to remove any foreign objects from the wound.
  3. A topical antibiotic cream or lotion may be used to prevent infection, as well as OTC pain killers, such as aspirin or acetaminophen.
  4. Cover the wound with clean gauze or a gauze bandage. Air circulation aids in burn healing, so don't cover so tightly that no air can get in.
  5. Keep the wound clean and dry, including after sweating, getting wet, etc.
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