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* [ Songs - Scouting The Net]
* [ Songs - Scouting The Net]
* [ Cub Scout Leader Resources Links.]
* [ Cub Scout Leader Resources Links.]
==See also==
==See also==

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Scout Songs, Scout Skits, and Scout Cheers are a great way to involve everyone in a meeting or campfire.


Tips for Great Scout Skits and Songs

  1. Keep them short - never longer than 3 to 5 minutes so that they can be easily memorized.
  2. Homemade skits or songs may seem funny to the writers but often are not funny to the audience.
  3. Use cue cards and lyrics if you need to. Rehearse until everyone is comfortable and knows their parts.
  4. Everyone has to speak or sing loudly and clearly.
  5. Avoid gross, vulgar, or un-Scout-Like topics or content.
  6. Many old topics should never be used today. Ever.
    • Cross-dressing, transsexual, or gay references have at times triggered lawsuits you can't defend.
    • Fat, ugly, ethnic or handicapped jokes, skits, or songs have no place in Scouting either.
  7. Have a Master of Ceremonies to keep skits and songs moving.
  8. Keep your program fast paced and get everyone involved!

Official Books from

  • Superior Campfires - contains skits, cheers, introductions, riddles and Scouting legends.
  • More...Scout Skits - 75 more campfire skits, plus cheers, introductions, riddles and Scouting legends

Thousands of Internet Scout Songs

The links below will connect you with literally thousands of Cub Scout and Boy Scout Skits.

See also

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