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Sea Scout Bronze Award has been discontinued. (See Discontinued awards.)
Sea Scout Bronze Award

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Requirements for Sea Scout Bronze Award are the same as for Sea Scout Ordinary rank.

After completion of a bronze award, a medal is awarded at a crew recognition ceremony (similar to a Boy Scout Court of Honor), with a miniature device that pins to the medal and a bar that is worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear.

The photo to the right shows the:

  1. Venturing Bronze Award medal with the Sea Scout Bronze Award miniature device pin.
  2. The Sea Scout Bronze Award ribbon device worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear.

Venturers (including Sea Scouts) may also earn:

Venturing Bronze Awards
Venturing Gold Award
Venturing Silver Award.
Expert-level awards

In addition, four of the five bronze awards fulfill partial requirements for Venturers continuing on and earning expert-level awards:

  • The Sports Bronze Award requirements are part of the Quest Award.
  • The Religious and Community Life Bronze Award part of the TRUST Award.
  • The Outdoor Bronze Award part of the Ranger Award.
  • The Sea Scout Bronze Award is a duplicate of the Sea Scout Ordinary rank requirements, and is necessary on the trail to earning the Quartermaster Award.

Sea Scout Bronze Award requirements

To earn the Sea Scout Bronze Award, complete the following requirements. Details on these requirements can be found in the Sea Scout Manual.

1. Give explanation
2. History of flag
Active Membership
3. Seventy-five percent attendance
4. Complete quarterdeck training
5. Recruit new member
Special Skills
6. Boats
7. Marlinspike seamanship
8. Ground tackle
9. Piloting
10. Communications
11. Time
12. Swimming
14. Safety
15. Galley
16. Sailing
17. Work
18. Electives. Do any three:
a. Drill
b. Signaling
c. Compass
d. Yacht racing
e. Sailing
f. Ornamental ropework
g. Engines

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As a Sea Scout

To earn the Sea Scout Bronze Award a Sea Scout registered in a ship must:

1. Obtain the rank of Apprentice Seaman as a prerequisite.
2. Complete the Ordinary rank requirements (the Sea Scout Bronze Award requirements are the same as Ordinary rank requirements).
3. Request the Sea Scout bronze be awarded to you along with Ordinary rank during your Bridge of Honor ceremony.

Sea Scouting is part of the BSA Venturing program; youth members registered to a Sea Scout ship are eligible to earn all Venturing awards.

Venturing advancement begins when a youth earns at least one bronze awards from five available specialty areas. Once a bronze award is obtained, the Venturer may:

1) pursue additional requirements to earn an expert-level award in that same specialty area
2) complete goals and leadership requirements to earn the Gold Award and Silver Award (called basic advancement), or
3) pursue both expert-level advancement and basic advancement concurrently.

For example, Sports bronze is half of the Quest expert-level award; Outdoor bronze is half of the Ranger Award; and the Religious and Community Life bronze is half of the TRUST Award. Venturing advancement is designed so that the requirements for the Gold and Silver awards mesh well with the activities required to earn an expert-level award; Gold and Silver are a natural outgrowth when earning an expert-level award.

For Sea Scouts, the Quartermaster Award is an expert-level Venturing award. Sea Scouts may simultaneously be awarded the Sea Scout Bronze Award upon advancement to Ordinary rank. This allows a Sea Scout to concurrently pursue Gold and Silver award basic advancement the same as a Venturer who is not registered in a Sea Scout ship.

Venturing advancement awards (including the Sea Scout bronze ribbon device) may be worn on the green Venturing uniform or the Sea Scout uniform. The style of uniform worn at official ship functions is designated by each unit.

...Campaign-style ribbons [Venturing bronze awards] may be worn on the Sea Scouting or Venturing uniform above the left shirt pocket.
— Venturing Handbook, pg. 27, 33494C © 1999, 2006 Printing


Merit badges and other Boy Scout insignia except the Eagle Award are not worn on Sea Scout uniforms.
— Sea Scouts BSA (web site), Youth Recognition and Advancement

As a Venturer

To earn the Sea Scout Bronze Award a Venturer registered in a crew must:

1. Obtain a current copy of the Sea Scout Manual. Locate and provide the reference details to your Crew Advisor before passing off each requirement.
2. Correctly understand each requirement. When reading and understanding each requirement, convert Sea Scout terms into Venturing terms (see Standard Venturing Terminology below).
3. The Specific Skills Work (requirement 17) is satisfied by a Venturer as written for work on crew "equipment, projects, or activities" other than crew "meetings, parties, or fun events." Venturers registered in a crew are not obligated to complete the requirements of the Seaman Apprentice (Sea Scout Apprentice rank) as a prerequisite.
4. For elective requirements, check with your crew officers before selecting electives in case specific electives may be relevant or consistent with your crew's program.

All Venturers (including Sea Scouts) may earn all five Venturing Bronze Awards. Only Sea Scouts however may earn and wear Sea Scouting ranks and insignia.

Venturers are not required to be registered in a Sea Scout ship as a prerequisite to earning the Sea Scout bronze. Venturers also need not be registered in a crew with a boating-related specialized program as a prerequisite to earning the Sea Scout bronze. Sea Scout bronze requirements are approved by the unit's leader regardless of the unit's general or specialized program.

Standard Venturing terminology

Main article: Standard terminology

Detailed requirement explanations for the Sea Scout Bronze Award are found in the Sea Scout Manual. Readers need to be aware of terminology standards:

Standard Venturing terminology is used universally by the Boy Scouts of America for both Venturing crews and Sea Scout ships. This is necessary in publications and training manuals that encompass all of Venturing....All Venturing crews (including Sea Scout ships) have the option of using distinctive titles related to their specialized program.
— Sea Scout Manual, pg. 7, #33239C © 2002, 2004 Printing

For Venturers earning the Sea Scout Bronze Award, this mean that Sea Scout terms are "translated" into standard Venturing terminology.

A Comparison
Sea Scout ship Venturing crew
Sea Scout Venturer
Ship committee Crew committee
Skipper Advisor
Mate Associate Advisor
Petty officers Crew officers
Quarterdeck Training Crew Officers' Briefing
Boatswain President
Boatswain's mate Vice-president
Yeoman Secretary
Purser Treasurer


  • Requirements for the Sea Scout Bronze Award are the same as for the Sea Scout Ordinary rank. A more detailed list of requirements is found on the Sea Scout Ordinary rank page on this site.
  • Venturers earning this award in a crew must convert the Sea Scout specific terms within these requirements into standard Venturing terminology (see Procedure as a Venturer above).

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