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* [[Long Cruise Badge]]
* [[Long Cruise Badge]]
* [[Small Boat Handler]] course
* [[Small Boat Handler]] course
* [[Qualified Seaman]] course
* [[Qualified Seamanship Course|Qualified Seaman]] bar
* [[SEAL Training]] Award
* [[SEAL Training]] Award
* Standard Sea Scout Ship Award
* Standard Sea Scout Ship Award

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See the main Sea Scouting article for program information.
The four Sea Scout ranks
The four Sea Scout ranks

Sea Scout advancement is for youth members of a Sea Scout ship, and consists of Apprentice, Ordinary, Able, and Quartermaster. Since Sea Scouting is part of Venturing, youth members may also earn all Venturing advancement awards; they may also advance along the Boy Scout Eagle trail under certain conditions.


Sea Scouting advancement

Sea Scouts may earn the Apprentice, Ordinary, Able and Quartermaster ranks. Criteria for these ranks can be found in the Sea Scout Manual.

Sea Scout advancements are approved by the ship's quarterdeck. In the case of the Quartermaster Award, the application is reviewed by the ship's committee with a member of the district advancement committee as chairman. Since the Quartermaster award is a Venturing recognition, it may be earned by any young man or young woman registered as a Venturer up to his or her 21st birthday.

— Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, #33088B, revised 1999

Sea Scout ranks


Main article: Apprentice rank

The first rank of Apprentice shows basic marlinspike seamanship skills and water knowledge.


Main article: Ordinary rank

To earn Ordinary, the Sea Scout must know how to box a compass, must demonstrate leadership qualities, complete requirements relating to drill, sailing, and engines and complete a tenure of one year in Sea Scouting.

Note:Ordinary rank is also the same requirements for the Sea Scout Bronze award in Venturing.


Main article: Able rank

For the Able rank, the Sea Scout must demonstrate a complete knowledge of the water, earn the Lifesaving merit badge and must and be able to command fellow Sea Scouts.


Main article: Quartermaster Award

The Quartermaster Award is the highest rank attainable by a Sea Scout can earn and is equivalent to Eagle Scout. The Sea Scout must attend at least two thirds of all ship meetings over eighteen months, demonstrate marlinspike seamanship and leadership skills, demonstrate the ability to teach Sea Scouting, complete a community service project and pass a council level board of review. The Quartermaster emblem is a medal consisting of the Sea Scout emblem on a ship's wheel that is suspended from a solid dark blue ribbon that is in turn suspended from a bar bearing the design of a double carrick bend knot.

Sea Scouting special opportunities awards

Venturing advancement

Main article: Venturing Advancement

Sea Scouts are eligible for all advancement in Venturing. They may earn five bronze awards, the Gold Award, and the Silver Award, the highest award in Venturing. The program also offers "Expert-level" awards: the Ranger Award, the Quest Award, and the TRUST Award, all of which are expansions and 'sequels' to a particular bronze award.

Boy Scout Advancement

See also: Boy Scouting Rank Advancement for Venturers
Any male Venturer or Sea Scout who has achieved the First Class rank as a Boy Scout in a troop or Varsity Scouting in a team may continue advancement toward the Star, Life, and Eagle Scout ranks up to his 18th birthday.
— Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures, #33088 © 1989, 2007 Printing

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Guide To Advancement, 2011 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #N/A)

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