Senior Patrol Leader Handbook

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''Senior Patrol Leader Handbook''

Cover of the 2017 edition
(ISBN 978-0-8395-2501-1)
First edition:
Latest edition:©2017, 2017 Printing, 144 pages
BSA Supply Number:32501

As the official handbook for Senior Patrol Leaders, this handbook is a guide to leading troop and patrol activities. Completely revised for 2017, the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook is an important resource for senior Scouts, providing a valuable framework for the presentation of an effective Scouting program.


Table of Contents

  1. Welcome
  2. Senior Patrol Leader Qualifications
  3. Building Troop Spirit
  4. The Troop Program
  5. Running A Good Troop Meeting
  6. Leading the Troop Beyond the Meeting Room
  7. How To Be A Good Senior Patrol Leader
  8. The Troop Leadership Team

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