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The Venturing Summit Award is the highest program-level award in Venturing replacing in 2014 the Venturing Silver Award.
For the BSA's national high adventure base located in West Virginia, see the The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve.

Summit Award

Venturing program level IV award.
Created: 2014
Award Focus: Mentoring
Pathfinder Award

The Summit Award is the fourth Venturing program level award. The highest award of Venturing, the Summit Award, goes to those Venturers who have matured in their personal direction, skills, and life competencies, and who have accepted the responsibility to mentor others and serve their communities in a lasting way.

After completion of the Summit Award, a medal and a knot is awarded that is worn above the left pocket of the uniform for daily wear. This award may be awarded at a crew recognition ceremony (similar to a Boy Scout Court of Honor), organized by the youth Vice President - Administration. This award may be presented more than once; it may be awarded again at a school or other venues to promote awareness within the community.

Award key points
  • Fully realized skills and leadership
  • Focus is:
    • Mentorship of other crew members
    • Capstone service project
  • Goal approach: Longer horizon, larger life impact
Award intended outcomes
  • Mentoring and coaching skills training
  • Mentor a crew member in planning and leadership of crew activity
  • Serve in elected leadership position for six months
  • Lead the delivery of small-group management skills and training
  • Complete advanced leadership training
  • Plan, develop, and give leadership to community service project
  • Complete goal development and planning for all realms of personal growth
  • Create personal code of conduct for review by peers and adult advisors
  • Lead and guide ethical controversy and conflict resolution discussion with crew


Summit Award requirements

  1. Participate in at least three additional (for a total of seven) Tier II or III adventures at the crew, district, council, area, regional, or national level. To earn the Summit Award, a Venturer must have participated in at least one Tier III adventure and served as a leader during one adventure.
  1. Complete Mentoring training prior to initiating mentoring relationships.
  2. Since earning the Pathfinder Award, mentor another Venturer in the planning and implementation of a crew, council, area, regional, or national Venturing activity (see Summit Adventure requirement 1). Work with the youth enough to ensure he or she is ready to lead and has organized the appropriate resources, is prepared for contingencies, and has developed an itinerary, conducted training to support the adventure, and mitigated risk before and during the adventure. Participate in the adventure and provide feedback on how the adventure was conducted.
  3. Complete two of the following.
    1. Since earning the Pathfinder Award, serve actively as crew president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, guide, historian, den chief, or quartermaster for a period of at least six months.* At the beginning of your term, work with your crew president (or Advisor, if you are the president) to set performance goals for the position. Any number of different positions may be held as long as the total length of service equals at least six months. Holding simultaneous positions does not shorten the required number of months. Positions need not flow from one to the other; there may be gaps in time. Once during your term of office, discuss your successes and challenges with your crew president (or Advisor, if you are the president).
    2. Participate in or serve on staff for leadership training such as National Youth Leadership Training, Kodiak Challenge, National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience, Order of the Arrow National Leadership Seminar, Sea Scout SEAL Training, or Wood Badge (for Venturers 18 or older). You may also participate in non-BSA leadership training courses such as those delivered by the National Outdoor Leadership School, if approved by your Advisor.
      This must be a different training course than you completed for Pathfinder Award requirement 4(b) or Summit Award requirement 4(c).
    3. Lead the delivery of Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews for members of your Venturing crew or another local Venturing crew or for a local district or council training event. After leading the training course, discuss with your crew Advisor how you believe you helped build the skill set of your crew and what you learned by organizing the training course.
Personal Growth
  1. Since earning the Pathfinder Award, complete a structured personal reflection. Use this reflection to prepare for goal-setting and as part of your Advisor conference. Explore two of the following areas: Development of Faith,** Development of Self, or Development of Others. You may explore two different areas or explore one area twice.
  2. Create a personal code of conduct. This code of conduct should be guided by your explorations in the areas of faith, self, and others.
  3. Since earning the Pathfinder Award, lead an ethical controversy and conflict resolution scenario with members of your Venturing crew.
  1. Since earning the Pathfinder award, plan and conduct a service project as described in the Venturing Summit Award Service Project Workbook. Before you start, have the project proposal form from the workbook completed and approved by those benefiting from the effort, your Advisor, and designated crew or ship youth leadership. This project must be a different service project than one carried out for the Eagle Scout Award, the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award, or the Girl Scout Gold Award.
Advisor Conference and Board of Review
    Upon completion of the Adventure, Leadership, Personal Growth, and Service requirements, complete the following.
  1. Participate in an Advisor conference. As a part of this conference, share your code of conduct with your Advisor, and explain how your explorations of faith, self, and others and your goal-setting exercises influenced the development of your code.
  2. After your Advisor conference, successfully complete a crew board of review.


* A Venturer may substitute district, council, area, regional, or national Venturing officer or cabinet officer for the positions listed in this requirement.
** Venturers may, but are not required to, share the personal reflection associated with Development of Faith with their Advisor, during the Advisor conference, during a board of review.

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Handbook for Venturers, 2017 Edition (BSA Supply SKU #637673)

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Venturing Summit Award

1. Summit Award medal is pinned just
above the seam of the left pocket.
2. Knot is placed above the left pocket.
Last updated:

Uniform and Level Award Insignia

2014 Summit Award badge.
2014 Summit Award badge.

Award are embroidered patches worn on the left pocket of the Venturing field uniform. Summit Award medal is pinned just above the seam of the left pocket. The Summit knot is placed above the left pocket.

Male Venturers may wear his Boy Scout Eagle knot above the left pocket. Boy Scout rank patches cannot be simultaneously worn with the Venturing level award patches.

Venturing has an emphasis on group identity method and Venturers are encouraged but not required to wear the Venturing uniform. A crew is encouraged to develop a distinctive, common identity that represents their crew and its interests. The green shirt and gray shorts/pants may serve that purpose for the crew, and is encouraged as an option. Consistent with past practice, the Venturing field uniform is expected for participation in some council, area, region, and national Venturing events.


  1. Program level awards may be earned after May 2014.
  2. Applying for past credit: If a registered Venturer has completed a Summit Award requirement, as written, prior to June 1, 2014, he or she may receive credit for requirements 1, 4, and 8. The "Since earning the Pathfinder Award" portion of requirement 4a will be waived for Venturers who completed these requirements prior to June 1, 2014. All other requirements must be complete after June 1, 2014.
  3. Development of Faith, Development of Self, and Development of Others: These are not separate awards but are the setting of goals within the realms of exploration in the areas of faith, self, and others. Over his or her time in the program, a Venturer carries out a reflection in each of those areas and uses what was learned through the reflection to set and achieve a goal exploring each of those areas. This is an requirement of describing the reflection process and offering examples of setting and attaining goals, and is described in the Venturer and Advisor handbooks.
  4. Summit Board of Review: See link - will be conducted according to the BSA Guide to Advancement.

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Online Training will be available for Personal Reflections, Goal Setting, Time Management, Project Management, and Mentoring. They are included in the requirements for the program level awards.

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