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For the Summit Award, a board of review will be conducted according to the BSA Guide to Advancement.


The board of review must consist of at least five, but no more than six members. At all times at least one half of board of review members, excluding the chair, shall be Venturers currently participating in the program.

Details of membership shall be as follows:

The adult chair of the board of review shall be a Venturing-certified* member of the district or local council advancement committee or their designated Venturing-certified* representative.

Venturer Membership:
The board of review shall include at least two active Venturers, at least one of whom shall be from the candidate’s crew. Other Venturing members of the board of review should be selected from the following list.

  • Current holder of the Summit Award or Silver Award
  • Venturer who is a member of the council, area, or region VOA or equivalent
  • Venturer currently holding a Venturing elected office
  • Eagle Scout, Quartermaster or Girl Scout Gold award recipient who is an active Venturer.

In the event the chair determines no Venturer is available that meets one of these qualifications, the crew president may nominate another Venturer from the candidate’s crew to serve on the board of review.

Adult Representation:
Other than the chair, the board of review shall include at least one adult, registered with the BSA, who works regularly with the Venturing program at any level.

Community Representation:
It is recommended that the board of review involve at least one well-respected adult representative of the community. The candidates Crew President and the Chair must agree upon the final membership of the board of review. If the candidate is the Crew President, the Crew’s Vice President of Administration must be in agreement with the Chair. If the Chair and the Crew President (or Vice President of Administration) cannot agree, the candidates Crew Advisor will make the final determination of board membership, including members previously considered by the Crew President and Chair.

*The definition of a Venturing Venturing-certified member includes the completion of Venturing Awards & Recognition Training.

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