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It is proposed that the Awards page be split into two pages: Awards (youth members) and Awards (adult Scouters), then redirecting Awards page to the new Awards (youth members), with a see also link to the adult Scouters on the top of the youth members page. I beleive the content of the adult awards merit its own page. —User:Missylou2who 10:45, November 6, 2007 (EDT)

District Award of Merit link description

The link to the District Award of Merit reads as follows:

My district awards banquet was this evening and they also described this award in the same manner. However, that is not the way I remember the award being descibed in the past. I had always heard it described as the highest honor a district may bestow upon one of its members for service to youth. The award requirements as shown in the District Award of Merit article seem to favor that description. Would anyone happen to know one way or the other? Optimist 22:00, April 17, 2008 (EDT)

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