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(Requirements listed are incorrect)
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The requirements for the Horseback riding pin are listed incorrectly. The correct requirements are:

1. Learn about three famous horses. Explain why these horses were well-known. 2. Using pictures of these different animals, explain to your den or family the difference between a horse, pony, mule, and donkey. 3. Explain how a horse is measured and what a “hand” equals when measuring a horse. 4. Using a picture of a horse, point out the following main parts of a horse: forehead, muzzle, mane, withers, point of hip, knee, hoof, and root of tail. 5. Describe three different breeds of horses and explain what special feature makes each breed different from other breeds. 6. Using photos or pictures you have drawn, explain to your den or family at least three different ways that horses can help us. 7. Name five things that are healthy for a horse to eat. 8. Tell why it is important to wear an approved riding helmet when you go horseback riding. 9. Take a photo or draw a picture of the type of saddle you used during the horseback ride you took to earn the belt loop. 10. With your parent or adult partner, visit a veterinarian who cares for horses and large animals. Write the answers to three questions you ask him or her. 11. Spend at least 15 minutes before and after your ride getting to know your horse by talking calmly to it and stroking it slowly. 12. Go on a supervised horseback ride for at least 30 minutes. Be sure to wear a riding helmet. Show that you can safely mount and dismount the horse.

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