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Sports pin requirement 1

Sports Pin requirement #1 - There's a spelling error. "'Figure out your stance.' —Preceding unsigned comment added by Johnknotwell (talkcontribs) May 1, 2010. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

Fixed. Thank you for noting it here. —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 19:04, May 1, 2010 (EDT)

Minor edit of requirements

In order to be awarded Skateboard Pin, completion of 5 requirements is necessary, NOT 6. Ref: SkateboardingBigJosh 20:38, August 11, 2010 (EDT)

Fixed. Thank you for noting it here. —RWSmith (Bureaucrat), 20:46, August 11, 2010 (EDT)

Something to consider

I'm 19 years old, never been a scout, but I've been skateboarding for 6 years now,and teaching kids anywhere from 5-17 how to skate for about 4 years now; and if you don't mind, I'd like to give you some minor adjustments of the requirements to consider, and some tips I would like leaders to consider when teaching these kids.

When I was reading through this article the first time I thought it was cool how the scouts included a sport that isn't in schools, and there are few places to legally practice. The first thing I noticed was that figuring out stance isn't in the belt loop requirements, practicing for 30 minutes is; this makes no sense, as the tricks for the sports pin all require you to roll regular or nollie (which would be rolling the same direction after on figures out their stance). In this case the natural place for finding your stance would be right after safety rules. Ways i use to find stance: have the scout sprint and then jump as high as they can, the foot that leaves the ground first is the lead foot have a scout walk up stairs, the foot he puts on the first step is his lead foot have a scout close his eyes, and shove him just enough to knock him off balance, and the foot he puts out to catch himself is his lead foot (these methods are not 100% gaurenteed, sometimes the kid just isn't comfortable with his dominant foot up front)

I think the difference between frontside and backside should be taught at this stage!!!!! IMPORTANTE!!!! You have frontside as a trick but frontside on it's own means NADA nowadays, it is simply rotating toes-outward. It is part of a lot of tricks, but cannot stand alone.

I also think braking should be taught before pushing, for obvious safety reasons; ergo braking should be in the belt loop too. Braking methods: hang back toe off side of board, tilt down, drag get off board, pick up (doesn't work downhill) Slide the sole of your shoe over the pavement, but keep weight on the foot on the board (the faster you are going, the lighter you want to make the slide) take front foot off, plant, bend down and pick up (i like to call this the boneless stop, never try at speed hang back heel off the back of the board, lean back on it, and drag (you MUST hang your heel, or you're just getting razortail faster)

The sports pin is pretty conprehensive, but I feel it lacks some basic understanding. There are two glaring errors in requirement #10 for the skateboarding pin, firstly, every trick has at least three parts:Board rotation, human rotation, and the core trick, allow me to elaborate, a twisted flip is a b/s 180 popshuvit kickflip, f/s body varial. The board's rotation was backside, human rotation was the opposite, and the core trick was a varial. The problem I run into with this pin is that scouts are required to choose 3:ollie, nollie, frontside, grab, kickturn, carving; the only CORE tricks (or tricks you could tell any skater to do, and they would all look pretty similar) in there are ollie and nollie (maybe the grab, but nowadays grabs don't count off flat ground). The issue comes when you say frontside, ollie and grab are three separate tricks, when there are dozens of tricks that fit all three of those criteria. Base trick:ollie rotation: f/s 180,360,540 grab: judo, melon, indy, roast beef, coffin, nosegrab, tailgrab, bennihanna, judo, madonna, double grab, stalefish etc..... I think you get the point. I could walk in there do one trick, and you would count it as three. But I found a deeper problem with assigning this particular list to every scout. It cramps their style, by saying these are the only tricks that count you're devaluing, every backside trick, anything fakie or switch. You're cutting out more than half of all of the basic tricks like this. My version of requirement 10 would look like this: perfom any grab, perform one backside and one frontside trick, and perform one trick switch and one regular, or just hit a quarter pipe, and hit one street element: box, rail, any number of stairs over 1 and land it.

That way the scouts themselves can develop their own styles unrestricted ,individually as skaters, and better themselves in their own unique way. If you are going to keep #10 the way it is, at least add fakie and switch ollies, and backside, to make it fair for those who might not be as good at nollies ollies and frontside spins

let me know if any of this helped or if you would like some clarification.

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