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Does it really make sense to continue to list discontinued MBs in the annual listing, especially if nobody has earned them? I've eliminated the entries for these items from the 2005 annual listings, but left the info in the All-Time listing. --John (aka Ronin718)

Well, I think the "list" was originally taken directly from National's published numbers. Which means, if the article's source was not cited, that would be something any editor could do. Additionally,
  • I have seen where a discontinued Merit Badge continued to show up on National's published lists for nearly 10 years after it had been discontinued... E.g., the XYZ Merit Badge is slated for discontinuation in 2007; theoretically, a new 10-1/2 year old Scout could still complete that Merit Badge 8.5 years later.
  • Anomalies. There are other reaons where I could see that not getting into National's database for an additional 1.5 years, or so... accounting, tracking, lost in the shuffle, etc. Let's say, National gets official notification from a Council that Bee Keeping, for example, was awarded to a Scout 20 years ago.
It appears (to me), that National adds the award to their database when they get it; the fact that it has been discontinued seems unimportant, as opposed to the fact that it was awarded. --RWSmith 12:07, April 14, 2007 (EDT)
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