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(question about NEW tigers)
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Which pin

The article currently states: "... the summertime award scouts receive should match their current rank rather than the rank they are working on (ie, boys who have attained the rank of Tiger will receive the Tiger pin even though they are in a Wolf Den and working towards the Wolf rank)."

  • the summer after first grade, boys work on the tiger pin.
  • the summer after 2nd grade, boys work on the wolf pin.
  • the summer after 3rd grade, boys work on the bear pin.
  • the summer after 4th grade, boys work on the Webelos pin.
  • the summer after fifth grade, boys are already in their boy scout troop.

But I have just signed up five new tigers during our spring recruitment drive. They only just graduated from kindergarden. Will they have the opportunity to earn the tiger pin twice? -Howarthe 01:45, June 16, 2012 (EDT)

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