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Request for deletion

I have applied the {{delete}} template to Outdoor Ethics Service Recognition Award to nominate it for deletion. I can't find any evidence of this award other than at I could not find any evidence at or Was this award superceded by the Outdoor Ethics Action Award? From the page it appears that there was, at one time, a worksheet and an image for the award on, but neither is available now. If this award is to be deleted, the redirect from Outdoor Ethics Service Recognition should also be deleted, along with associated talk pages.

Nicouds 14:58, September 3, 2018 (EDT)
OK, so I found a write-up here: that includes reference to this being established as a set of four "recognitions" (not an award or awards). It was established at the same time as the OE Awareness and Action awards. I plan to clean-up the page by removing the {{delete}} template, getting the appropriate image in the infobox, removing the {{worksheet}} template for the non-existent worksheet, and moving the page to "Outdoor Ethics Service recognition" since there are four recognitions available under this umbrella name:
  1. Outdoor Ethics Trainer
  2. Outdoor Ethics Master
  3. Outdoor Ethics Service
  4. Outdoor Ethics Advocate
Nicouds 15:28, September 3, 2018 (EDT)
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