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Awards to add:

see then knot detail

We need to include that full list...

Need to include the Philmont Training Center Master's Knot (see USSP)

This is a three track program. When a Scouter has Completed the the first and second tracks, the Scouter would earn the square knot. By completing thing third track the Scouter would earn a PTC square knot device. Requirements

     First Track:
     Attend Philmont Training Center (PTC) as a participant.
     Second track:
        1. Take an additional Course at PTC.
        2. Recruit 3 people to attend a PTC course.
        3. Teach a BSA course in your district, council, area or region.
           Course and participation in the course must be approved by the council or area chair prior to the course.
     Third Track:
        1. Serve as a faculty member at PTC or attend a third time as a participant.
        2. Recruit 3 people to attend a PTC course.
        3. Do one of the following:
              1. Coordinate a council, area or regional cluster approved training event and coordinate and staff a promotional booth for the PTC at a council event.
              2. Conduct a council “Philmont Family Meeting” to share PTC information and encourage family participation.
              3. Teach a training course in a foreign county- Coordinated and approved by the BSA international division.

There is also a BSA approved knot for participating in the speakers bank of a Council

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