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Working draft

Selected by:Senior Patrol Leader
Reports to:Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and Treasurer/Troop Committee member

The Scribe is the Troop's secretary.

The scribe is the Troop's secretary. He keeps the minutes of the patrol leaders' council meetings but is not a voting member of the council (no green bar). The scribe may also keep attendance records of other troop activities, such as campouts and service projects. During troop meetings, he works with patrol scribes to ensure the accurate recording of attendance and payment of dues, and to keep advancement records up-to-date. The scribe may also be responsible for maintaining a troop Web site with information that is current and correct. An adult who is a member of the troop committee may be assigned to help the troop scribe carry out his responsibilities.

must be someone who can do more than write neatly. The Scribe needs to keep a record of what happens at each Patrol Meeting -- the Patrol Log. This record will help the Patrol recall what decisions were made at the last Patrol Meeting and who agreed to do what. The Scribe also keeps attendance records and collects dues and other fees.

Scribe Advisor Adult to supervise the Scribe (a Scout) in maintaining attendance records on Scouts for all Troop activities.

Critical that you also keep your own records • Campouts attended • Camped days, miles hiked/backpacked/floated • Service hours and projects • Leadership positions and time • Merit badge blue cards



  • Records all troop meetings (including PLC), events, activities, and the annual program planning conference.
  • Work with the troop committee member responsible for membership dues.
  • Regularly attends troop meetings, PLC, troop campouts, and troop events during his service period.
  • Train and supervise the troop scribe in record keeping.
  • Receive troop income each week from the troop scribe.
  • Keep adequate records in the Troop/Team Record Book.
  • Set a good example.
  • Wear the Scout Uniform correctly.
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law,
  • Shows Scout spirit


Upon appointment, complete Youth Leader Training as soon as possible.

ASPL, Scribe Advisor, troop committee, treasurer or troop committee member will train the Scribe in its responsibilities.

Responsibilities Details

===Each troop is responsible for keeping its own records and reporting advancement to the local council service center. This is done on an Advancement Report form or by using Internet Advancement. One copy is kept by the troop and two are sent to the council with an order for badges and awards. It is best that this form be submitted at least monthly so that troop records remain current and Scouts are able to receive their awards quickly after earning them. Awards cannot be purchased or awarded until the Advancement Report has been filed with the council office. A Troop/Team Record Book, maintained by the troop scribe, is available.


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