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Aerial requirements

I happen to have two scouts working on this merit badge that have completed everything but the aeriel nose-grab move. I hadn't expected that being an issue but it is. When you go to a mountain these days you see almost as many skiers doing aerials as snowboarders. It would seem reasonable to remove the nose-grab requirement for snowboarders so they don't have to risk the injury from an aerial manuever. Has anyone else run into this problem? --Millert 21:26, June 13, 2007 (EDT)

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Aerial Requirements

As an avid skier of over 30 years I agree that aerial requirements should be removed. There is no need to encourage this type of behavior, a scout can have a wonderful time enjoying his snowboard without getting air.

I am very uncomfortable telling a scout that they must do aerial grabs in order to complete this badge.

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