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How to deal with Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews

In 2017, BSA began publishing the Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews, which replaces the old Troop Program Features. Like the legacy Troop Program Features, Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews is available in three volumes (Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3, with much of it available online at These new program features include planning for 48 months of program activities (versus the 36 monthly plans in the legacy (&copy 2003; 2012 Printing) Troop Program Features).

How should we handle updating based on this?

I think there is value in retaining the old Troop Program Features, as some of the information could provide some ideas for program activities. However, I think references to it should somehow highlight that the information is likely dated and that users should use at their own risk.

I also think that a new page is needed for the new Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews and that links to it and the corresponding resources at should have priority placement over links to the legacy Troop Program Features. Note that now that the Varsity Scouting program has ended, I would expect that the Program Features for Troop, Teams, and Crews will be renamed at some point to remove Teams from the title. I have no insight as to when that will occur, but anticipating that it will happen, we might just create a page for Program Features and drop any reference to troops, teams, or crews in the title.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this to generate some discussion on ideas to accommodate the new features.
Nicouds 18:25, October 27, 2018 (EDT)

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