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Fly Fishing

As of August, 2009, the page lists Fly Fishing as an elective. There are now 21 merit badges listed under Hornaday awards. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Quailman (talkcontribs) August 19, 2009. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)


There is a fault in the requirements for the merit badges portion of the badge. Environmental Science can count for the smaller section of merit badges to earn, according to the official application at —Preceding unsigned comment added by Jinjo (talkcontribs) March 9, 2012. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

Print Friendly Verions

Silver - —Preceding unsigned comment added by Gardener (talkcontribs) April 6, 2012. (Please, sign and date your posts on talk pages.)

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